Turtle's Progress

Friday, May 09, 2014

Laundry Room Solution

I've never been happy with the way my laundry room looks.  It is right off the kitchen and has the only window that allows light to come into one area of the kitchen.  Closing the door blocks this light but with the door open it always looks messy.  No matter how neat I keep everything it still looks thrown together.  There are no cupboards to keep things in, just open shelves.  

Well, here is my solution!!



The door can stay open for the light, Cali can get to her water and the mess is hidden away but the curtains can easily be slid back to reach anything behind them!!  Yay!!  Because the fabric is clipped on with rings I can easily change it when I get tired of it or just need a change and the rod is sitting on the top of the window frame and the door frame -- no need for hardware!

Because this idea is one my grandmother often used to cover shelves or designate areas in her home and now my grandchildren will probably remember me doing it, I'm linking up to The Grand Social at http://www.grandmasbriefs.com/