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Thursday, November 15, 2007


I've started following the Core Plan with Weight Watchers. Amazing how much more satisfying it is than the Flex Plan, and the weight is coming off much more quickly. And I'm learning how to cook all kinds of things I would never have tried before. Eight pounds down in three weeks!

I will soon be heading down to Huntsville to take care of Sarah while Erin gives birth to Ephraim. Looking forward to getting the call to hit the road!

No plans for Thanksgiving. This feels strange. Haven't even purchased a turkey. Not knowing if we will be in Huntsville or home so haven't made any plans. If we are home we will figure it out. Flexibility is the key.

Tom and I recently returned from a few days in Puerto Rico. Lived in Panama for two years and loved it but don't think I would do well permanently living somewhere with no change in seasons.

On that note, had our gas logs checked out and pilot turned on this week. So nice to walk by and flip a switch -- swoosh! My dad, who has chopped and carried wood for many years to heat my parents' home, loved that switch when they visited last year!

My nephew, Jake, is doing well in the Navy. Finished the first portion of his A-school, has moved on to the second phase. Should be done by Christmas and then have his first permanent orders in hand.

Our next door neighbors, Marv and Carolyn, are the best! Anytime we are out of town they take in our sweet dog, Cali, and love her like their own. They spoil her so much that we have dubbed them Cali's "grama and grampa". We owe them many thanks for helping us out with our pooch.

This house is feeling exactly like home. Craig was here this week for a couple days. He asked me if I missed the Elizabeth Street house. I had to say no. I rarely if ever think of that house. This house is my home and I've loved turning it into that.

Remedy to help me fall asleep. I was a Navy wife for many years and lived in many different dwellings. So, when I'm having trouble getting to sleep I think back to each home I've ever lived in and try to remember the furniture arragement of each room. It is a good mental exercise but I usually fall asleep by the second or third house.

Tom brewed his first batch of beer a couple months ago. It was good, and has been shared with friends and family. He decided to do this while enjoying beer made by Brent (Erin's hubby). Now, after visiting and tasting some of this first batch, Craig's friend, Stephen, has purchased a kit and decided to whip up a batch of his own!

Plan to try and do better with blogging. I've started many over the past few months but never finished.... today is a new day!


At 8:52 PM, Blogger Dave said...

YAY a new blog!!! Love the updates on everybody...wish we could be there for Thanksgiving... rearranging furniture in your head...only my mom...:)

At 8:07 PM, Anonymous joy said...

so glad to hear how you are!! I check in often hoping to hear more of how things are going! (I may be joining you in the weight watchers thing -- this is a brave new world I am entering!)


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