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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Seven Things I'm Thinking About, Saturday

1. Jim N Nicks BBQ is good even if you are eating vegetarian. Chopped southern salad -- mmm mmm good! Cali is enjoying the smoked chicken that came with it.

2. I miss seeing Meghan and the gang in California. Hope to get out there to see everyone sometime this summer. Charlotte is growing too fast -- but at least she still remembers me when I come back now. I like being her "Oh My Darlin'" or "Grama Darlin'"

3. Tom has been working hard in the yard today, I've been napping.

4. Cali needs shots and check up this month. Also getting her nails clipped and teeth cleaned. She needs some pampering!

5. My step-son seems to be bouncing back from the end of his very short-lived marriage and I'm so glad. He is a great young man and deserves a woman who will appreciate him and make him as happy as he always tries to make the woman in his life. He is, indeed, his father's son!

6. I'm thinking we need to add a wooden porch swing to the children's play structure we have in the backyard. There is plenty of room for one and the grands could still have individual swings on one side.

7. The clearance plants I got last week seem to be revived. Let's hope I can keep them going!


At 8:41 AM, Blogger Fashily said...

vegeterian bbq?...hmmm, I have my doubts. Glad to hear that Craig is bouncing back have you guys seen him? I love your frequent posting!!! keep it up! oh and we miss you too "Oh ma darlin!"


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