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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eight Things I'm Thinking About, Thursday

1. Had a good day at the thrifts yesterday. Went to one that is independent and supports a local agency. I rarely go to this particular one because it is not on my normal run of errands but it does have some bargains. Yesterday I found a nice lamp shade which was just the size I needed and this one quart ice cream maker. It caught my eye because it was red but when I saw that all the parts seemed to be there I decided to get it. This store doesn't price items -- they tell you the cost when you get to the check out. I can't believe she wanted only one dollar for the shade and ice cream maker! Needless to say, I left a donation in addition to that!

2. When I got home I was able to download and print an instruction manual and read reviews on-line. Everyone who has one of these seems to love it! Can't wait to try it out.

3. Earlier this week I also found a cute item at the Goodwill. This little bud vase that holds four individual stems goes perfect with my decor! I do have quite a few things with black iron holders like this so it fits right in! I just love it!

4. I talked with my mom and dad on the phone yesterday. I don't call them often enough. Sorry for that! I will do better!

5. Tomorrow is my sister's birthday. I remember the day she was born. I was only ten years old and already had two brothers. I thought another brother would be just the thing -- then I could keep my room in our new home all to myself! Thank God I had to share that room with my sister for the next ten years. My life would truly not be the same without her. I know not all sisters get along or have a close relationship but I'm one of the very lucky who does and I wouldn't trade that for anything! Happy Birthday, my dear sweet funny loving sister! Here she is with her boys when she came for a visit last year.

6. I may have found a table for our computer/office area. The Craigslist person just emailed me and said they are still available. Hope to check them out in the next day or so.

7. Here's a picture of my friend Cheryl and her hubby Ron. This was taken at dinner on our way to the Mary Chapin Carpenter concert last Friday. They are cute couple!

8. And here's another cute couple on their way to the concert! What a great time that was!


At 1:47 PM, Blogger Fashily said...

love this post, Mom! That icecream maker is really cool...and no surprise the carnations you got are RED! hehe. Glad you had fun at the concert and thanks for reminding me its AL's birthday tommorow too!

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Lori Grimes said...

Thanks for the birthday wish and just incase you were wondering what I wanted for my birthday well I'm really lovin the ice cream maker....Just kidding! Having you as my sister is the best birthday gift ever!

At 9:25 AM, Blogger Joyce said...

If you happen to see another one of these "red" ice-cream makers, snatch it up for me. Glad you found a great bargin, and did I hear right that you left a donation? Hey big spender!!!
Wonderful comment on your sister. I can say, we may not be blood, but I do think I have you as not only a VBF but like a sister.
Love you lots.....

At 5:50 AM, Blogger erin said...

Ephraim came up while I was reading and wanted to know what that ice cream maker was. I told him it was for making ice cream at Grama's house and now he won't stop saying, "can I please eat it?" over and over and over. I'm never coming back to this blog again.



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