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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Three Things I'm Thinking About, Tuesday

1. Had originally planned to meet with my friend, Cheryl, today and head out for some thrifting and lunch. She had sent me a message earlier asking if I wanted to hang-out, as her son and DIL were leaving early (like 4:30 am, early!) and her house was going to be quite lonely. After talking about 9:30 this morning we both realized that the thought of heading out and about was much more enticing than the actual heading out. After my long day yesterday and her long two weeks with company we decided to postpone! (I have done this often in the past, just ask my daughters about "Let's go to Walmart/the mall" statements during their early teen years, only to be told later, "Nah, I don't want to go ...") Maybe they will forgive me for those changes of mind someday when they hit their forties and begin to run out of steam.... Sorry girls, I know how irritating that was for you!

2. So, I spent most of the day cleaning, straightening, organizing, getting ready for trip to Michigan on Friday. Finally had enough, and headed out to the local Goodwill for a quick once over. Tuesday is 20% off with a Smart Card and $25 purchase. I made that easily and came home with some good loot. A Martha Stewart organizing book, a National Geographic green living book, a couple skirts, a set of twin sheets for when the kiddos are here. Best of all, a really cool oak cookbook holder -- homemade, with the crafter's name and date etched in the bottom. The top lifts up when in use to hold a cookbook, the bottom has two drawers for 3x5 recipe cards. Nice thing about our Goodwill is it takes returns within 14 days. So you can try things out and if you decide you don't want/need it take it back to exchange for something else. Not sure if this is a keeper or not but it probably is... I can't resist home-crafted! (read, NOT made in China!)

3. This picture of me was taken when I was about 18 months. My mom passed it on. I love the vintage looks -- the vinyl children's rocker, the lacey curtains, and ruffley little dress. And look at those curls, guess my sister didn't get all the curls in the family! I've always thought I looked like my dad's side of the family but I think I see my mom in this little one's face.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Joyce said...

My,my,my do you look cute...love those curls and all, too!!There's a look of mischief in those eyes!
Love you lots...

At 5:28 PM, Blogger Fashily said...

love this post...I definitely see charlotte in that last picture of Ohma darlin...
love you!


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