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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seven Things I'm Thinking About, Thursday

1. With our next door neighbors we have been composting all compostable waste produced in our household. We have a composter about the size of a large rolling garbage can. After doing this for a year it is less than a third full and we haven't used any of the compost... I guess that's why it's called biodegradeable -- it degrades!

2. Yesterday was an "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" day. Those of you familiar with that children's book know what that means. You start cleaning one closet, drawer, room, etc.... and it snowballs to cleaning ALL the closets, ALL the drawers, ALL the house... Now the spare bedrooms are all clean and ready for guests this weekend.

3. The guests this weekend are Tom's kids, Craig and Jennifer, and Jennifer's son, Brody. It's been quite awhile since they came up for a visit and fitting that it is also Father's Day weekend.

4. I'm especially anxious to see Craig. This will be the first time we have seen him since he made the decision and took the action to get a divorce. His first anniversary would have been while he is here on Sunday. We are very glad he made this choice and is going on with his life. He is a wonderful man and someday a lucky young woman is going to love and appreciate him for the "Wright Man" that he is.

5. I'm always fascinated by siblings and how different they can be. Especially when they are full siblings (as opposed to steps or halfs) and raised by the same parents. My own girls are different in many respects but they have the same basic value system, have careers that enable them to use their vast creative abilities, and have a fierce love of family. My own sibs are a case in point. My brothers and I have little in common, yet my sister and I are much more so. The old nature vs nurture problem, I guess.

6. Cali had her yearly vet appointment this morning. Exam and vaccinations, heartworm and tick/flea meds. Also having her teeth cleaned and nails clipped. For that she had to be sedated and left most of the day. Being sedated added all kinds of necessary charges (pre-blood work, post anti-biotic, bordatella). The grand total was about twice what I expected but, fortunately, she is a healthy dog and this was all needed check-up stuff! But I can see why some folks might be interested in pet insurance... She's sleeping it off now that she's home.

7. My little Charlotte called this evening for a chat. She and her dad were on their way to Grama's (my mom's) house but she told me she was coming to my house.... I wish! Miss that little munchkin (and her mommy and daddy)!! This picture of us was taken last October.


At 6:31 AM, Blogger Lori Grimes said...

Not trying to rub salt in your wound (ya right!) but I'll be picking that little munchkin up at noon today and hanging out with her until her mama or daddy picks her up. I know I can't replace the real thing but as you said we are much the same. Love the picture by the way.

At 9:08 AM, Blogger Joyce said...

Glad to hear all went well, with Cali's visit to the Vet. We will need to do the same, with our Baylee. I know what you mean, with the cost of the visit....oh, the love for our pets!
Hope you all have a good visit...that is, with Tom's kids and grandson.
Love you lots....


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