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Friday, June 11, 2010

Five Things I'm Thinking About, Friday

Today I'm thinking about some of the many things in my home that I love and cherish because they were made by members of my family.
  1. Some of my first memories of my mom are of her doing needlework. She especially loved to embroider. She has made many many things throughout the years -- pillow cases, dresser scarves, dish towels, etc. My favorites that she made especially for me are these:

She made this quilt for me nearly 40 years ago and I love it! Each block is appliqued around the butterfly and has some additional embroidery. Her embroidery work was always beautiful.

This next piece she made about 25 years ago. This was the first cloth tablecloth I ever had and has six matching napkins -- each embroidered with a different matching color from the tablecloth.

She also did many dishtowels. These daily "angels" are hanging on my vintage rack in the kitchen.

2. My dad's specialty has always been wood and metal works. These book ends he made when I was about five years old (over 50 years ago!). I remember him making them and then putting fabric on the bottom so they wouldn't scratch the furniture. The fabric is wool from his Navy uniform. He also made the little birdhouse next to the book ends.

I actually have an additional set of bookends that he made in his high school wood shop class (can you see his name on the bottom? John K).

And my favorite piece of all -- this little table he also made in high school. He made it for my grandmother and she gave it to me about 35 years ago.

For my 23rd birthday he made this plant stand . It has traveled the world with me and the movers always complain because it is so oddly shaped and doesn't come apart. It is hard to see on the screen porch but I especially love the scroll work additions to the rebar. He loves to weld and still makes all kinds of things like this.

3. This embroidered "Serenity Prayer" is very special to me because it is a gift from both of my parents. Mom did the embroidery and dad made the frame. It has been displayed in every home I have lived in since 1976.

4. My very talented daughters must get their creativity from their grandparents. Meghan has sewn many items for me to wear during the past few years but one of the first things she made for me is now a new addition to my kitchen. Do you see it?

She made this little mug rack back in middle school wood shop about 20 years ago. I just today found it again, spray painted it red and hung these mugs on it! I just love it!

5. Erin has also made me things that I cherish. When I was a year from turning 50 she started a countdown for me and gave me a little book with a memory for every day during that year. Here is a sampling of this thoughtful gift from my "little" girl...

And her amazing photography also graces our home. Here are two canvases of the grandkids done with pictures she took of them in 2008 and 2009. I look forward to watching the kiddos grow with a new canvas showcasing her talent each year.


At 10:05 PM, Blogger Fashily said...

Wow! all of those things that I recognize as part of our home and still feel like home when I come to visit. I didnt realize that grama and grampa made them! How did I not know that? Very cool! Love this post, Mom;)

At 8:28 PM, Blogger Lori Grimes said...

Those are the kinds of thing that make a house a home. Thanks for sharing that I'm now looking around my house to see what mom, dad and my boys have made for me.


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