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Monday, June 14, 2010

Five Things I'm Thinking About, Wednesday

1. I've given up eating meat. I don't call myself a vegetarian, because I'm not opposed to eating it, but I've read too much about the way meat is grown in this country, and am horrified by the factory farms that produce meat and poultry. I actually haven't missed it. I do eat eggs and cheese (I know, I know...) because I know I need protein. I love grains, fruits and veggies...

2. I think I'm going to start a new FB account. I miss being connected to my daughters and some friends. Plan to be more discerning about "friending" people. Maybe.

3. We went on a picnic for dinner last night at Cumberland University. The Nashville Symphony Orchestra was playing a free concert on the lawn. Planned to meet Ron and Cheryl there but their plans had to change. Did hook-up with Betty when we arrived. The evening was absolutely beautiful -- cool and breezy -- and the music enchanting. As the evening got darker the fireflies appeared, toddlers danced, and I didn't get a photo of any of it -- my battery was dead! So here's a press pic of the conductor, Kelly Corcoran at work!

4. I went thrifting and antiquing for a time yesterday after depositing all of the recycle for the month. I hit the local Goodwill on a regular basis but not the antique stores so that was kind of fun -- but, alas, no goodies to show for the trips.

5. My friend Joyce (bff extraordinaire !) has dealt with back pain for the entire 26 years of our friendship. It has worsened as the years passed and she has decided to try an implanted device to help her deal with it. You can read about her brave struggle here. Say a prayer, she's having the procedure done today. Here's a pic of my buddy and her new puppy, Bailey, from a couple years ago.


At 9:53 AM, Blogger Fashily said...

I am with you on the meat thing...not giving it up completely but def. becoming more aware of how things are processed makes me think twice about my purchases. Count me as a "yes" for a new fb account! love you!

At 9:16 AM, Blogger Joyce said...

I'm proud of you...not eating meat. I was a vegetarian for almost 4 years...you are right, after awhile you really don't miss it.
Thanks for the input about my device....it's working...more on my blog.
Love you lots.....


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