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Friday, June 18, 2010

Six Things I'm Thinking About, Friday

1. Firing squad. Really? Five shooters, five rifles, four bullets. Leaving each shooter to hope his wasn't the shot to take another's life?

2. Painting the front door today. It was starting to peel and then when Tom pressure washed the front porch a few weeks ago, it really peeled and looked horrendous. The painters who painted our house before we moved in were horrendous. So were the sheet-rockers. Tape is coming loose at all the angles on our very high ceilings. Will take scaffolding and professionals to fix it. Wish professionals had done it to begin with. This picture of the tape coming lose is up about 20 feet.

3. I have rejoined Facebook but in a very limited way.

4. Clotheslines are banned by our "Homeowners Association". I guess that means the permanent ones located in the backyard with lines from one end of a t-post to another. The kind that you can hang two entire sets of sheets on and kids can hide in between... but I still hang my clothes on the line. Three years ago after living in this house with nowhere to hang my laundry outside, I started researching for a portable line like the one I had in Greece. Found this one here . Paid a hefty price for it but know that it has more than paid for itself. I use it year round -- on the deck in summer and guest room in winter. My dryer only gets tossing action on the no heat setting for each load I hang up.

5. I think my husband's favorite summertime activity is this:
Mowing the yard while smoking a cigar.

6. I love white mini-lights. Have used them on my deck/porch in Anniston and the porch here at this house. When they are lit and it's very dark outside they remind me of the the lights used at all the little outdoor tavernas in Greece. Here's the Anniston house.
And here's our home here in Tennessee.


At 7:33 AM, Blogger Lori Grimes said...

Love the little white lights they make your porch look so very sheek. I don't know what you were talking about in post #1 it sounds like something out of a movie and I HATE those kinds of movies.

At 10:09 AM, Blogger Terry said...

It wasn't a movie. In Utah at midnight Thursday night a man was executed. Utah has since banned the firing squad but the man picked that as his way of being executed before the law was changed. Gruesome, huh?

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Joyce said...

Love the photos...I think you might remember me telling you about the time Bill and I decided to put lots, I mean, lots of mini lights in our back yard. We spent almost half the day putting them up.
After all were in place, we stood back, waiting to see the return. Well, that lasted for just a few minutes and out they went....we plugged too many in at one time. Suppose to have only 3-100 strands, plugged in at a time. I think we had over 600. Oh well, it was hard work but a great laugh!
Love you lots....

At 6:01 PM, Blogger Fashily said...

Ive always loved your twinkle lights mom, We have some in our front tree inspired by you...
Joyce, that is a HILARIOUS story...you guys truly live by the motto "go BIG or go Home"...love it.
I didnt realize that the guy wanted to be executed that way...interesting


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