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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Four Things I'm Thinking About, Tuesday

1. That jazz concert we went to on Sunday with all the pretty pictures.... it wasn't all fun and games. I'm fighting a bad case of chigger bites all over my upper legs and stomach. Yuck!!!!

2. Found this cute little teapot at an antique store today. It was the only thing in the store I was interested in and the only thing without a price! The sales lady checked with the vendor and said it was $10 -- sold! Especially since I already had the sugar and creamer.

3. Tom leaves Thursday morning for a week long trip to Anaheim for the National Sheriff's Association yearly meeting. I decided not to go because I was hoping to go to California around now for Charlotte's birthday but the ticket prices are outrageous right now! Guess I will have a quiet week at home -- maybe head to Huntsville for a day when the Cobbies return from vacation.

4. It's HOT here in the south! Upper 90's again today. Won't be spending much time on our lovely screened porch...


At 9:34 AM, Blogger Joyce said...

Sorry to hear about your rash...I know that won't stop you from your, "thrifting!" Love the pot, now it is in its family, with the creamer and sugar bowls.
Here it is in the high 60's and you are in the dead of heat, in the 90's. Something to say about parts of CA., like Salinas!
Love you lots...


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