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Monday, June 21, 2010

Four Things I'm Thinking About, Monday

1. I love this hymn! We sang it in church yesterday. John Bell is a Scottish theologian and musician who has written some wonderful mondern day hymns.

2. Meet Betty. About three weeks ago Tom and I (mostly Tom) purchased a brand new vehicle (like 34 miles on the odometer new). She is a Ford F-150 extended cab with lots of bells and whistles (and a few extras added after the purchase). When we first took Brody for a ride in her on Saturday and told him her name was "Betty", he renamed her "Big Betty." I think it is more than appropriate. She is named for Tom's dear Aunt Betty who died last December.

3. Oh how I love cantaloupe season! I can remember living on Fort Ord near the Salinas Valley of California in the mid 80s and buying five cantalope for a dollar! Five!! Erin attended preschool near the fruit stand where I bought them and it seemed like I purchased another five every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the growing season that year! I also remember one summer having it fresh off the vine from my SIL's garden in Boaz, Alabama when my children were young. Delicious!

4. Having neighbors you love is such a gift! We go out to dinner with Marv and Carolyn about three times a month, swap tools, food, recipes, chores. Borrow an egg now and then. The biggest thing they do for us is care for Cali when we go out of town. She thinks nothing of walking over to visit them anytime during the day and then they will call to say, "She's over here!" Just a bit ago Marv called to say he had stuffed some peppers from the garden and to come and get some straight out of the oven to have with our dinner. We are lucky to have them right next door!


At 7:41 PM, Blogger Lori Grimes said...

Big Betty sure is pruty! And their is nothing quite like have good neighbors!


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