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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Six Things I'm Thinking About, Tuesday

1. Glad to be home from a fun long weekend in Michigan. The fam up there showed us a great time and we can't wait to get together again. Cookout with everyone on Friday night, great fireworks at CampDearborn Saturday night, and a Detroit Tigers game on Sunday afternoon. Despite the Tigers' loss and sweltering weather, we had a really good time!

2. We stopped at a great Goodwill in Troy, Ohio on our way home Monday. It was right on the interstate and we found good bargains and goodies -- $34 worth! One of the best buys -- a full sheet of 40 1993 Elvis Presley 29 cent stamps in an 8x10 frame. Face value of stamps is $11.40 (according to ebay they aren't worth any more than that), the Goodwill price was $1.99.

3. I've decided to start sending postcards to each of the grandkiddos from any travels we go on. They seem to love to get mail. Postcard postage is 28 cents. See item above to see how I'm going to pay for the postage!

4. Bummer -- just heard that postal rates are going up. Postcard will be 30 cents! Guess I'll be buying some one cent-ers!

5. My girls and their dad are on a three day road trip to LA (lower Alabama) to celebrate Erin's 30th birthday. Meghan surprised her sister by showing up to tag along on their trip. So far she is the only one who can actually pull off a surprise on her sister! You can read Erin's report on their fun here.

6. Got the car fixed from the little mishap down in Huntsville last week. I called the gentleman who hit me and he was very gracious. Said he would leave the money with Erin. It's nice to know there are actually people who will leave their name and phone number and not just take off.


At 6:47 PM, Blogger Lori Grimes said...

I'm not kidding when I say if their's a bargain to be found you'll find it. How many people do you think passed up those stamps? I love that you always think outside the box and I love, love, love thrifting with you!!!

At 1:14 PM, Blogger erin said...

More blog please! It's been almost a week!


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