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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Five Things I'm Thinking About, Wednesday

1. Maybe Meghan is right, there might be a hind-side family resemblance. Wish I still had those now vintage early 1980s jeans to pass on to you, kiddo!

2. Tommy's home!!! Hurray!

3. The car is in the shop to get the headlight fixed. Should be done by the time we get back from our mini-vacation to Michigan.

4. I've got the itch to change some things in the house. A picture here, a curtain there, different colors, a new lamp. I think my home is always a work in progress, as most homes are. Fortunately, the Goodwill makes these changes easy and inexpensive (and if an item doesn't work out, back it goes!)

5. Reading the National Geographic book about "living green" has made me think that anything I buy/eat/use is toxic. It's a big book with cheery pictures that makes you think this "living green" stuff might be do-able, but read the print and another story emerges.... I'll continue to do the best I can.


At 8:36 AM, Blogger Fashily said...

YES!!! you rock mom...you and your ass ;)


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